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Charles Yim

AdMob, Business Development

Age: 27
Location: San Francisco, CA
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Working with media companies and mobile application developers of all sizes and stages figure out how to approach advertising as a part of their business model.
Topic: Mobile Advertising
About Me: I manage iPhone and Android publisher outreach for AdMob. I love working with app developers; having a front row seat to the production of the most innovative apps out there is the best part of my job.
Twitter: @ChuckYim

Noah Kagan

President & Founder of kickflip inc. Makers of

Age: 27
Location: San Francisco, CA
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Creating Facebook Mobile and Gambit Payments for mobile.
Topic: Making Money in Mobile - It's not just the iPhone
About Me: I love building web products, burritos and watching movies. Please check out my latest passion at I also like to rappel off of 300 foot bridges.
Twitter: @noahkagan

Justin Raney

Apax Software, VP of Development

Age: 25
Location: Lexington, KY
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Fanstream iPhone App, Hallway Feeds iPhone App
Setup Development Environments
Basic Menu Navigation
Introduction to Table Views
Working with Data Sources
Sound, GPS, External Links, etc.
About Me: I like working for myself, because it allows me to do things my way. This allows for more creativity and innovation.
Blog: N/A
Twitter: @jarane2

Jon Myers

JUFTi Games, Founder

Age: 37
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment:
1. First iPhone app to be censored by a government.
2. Wall-street journal coverage
Topic: App Launch Marketing
About Me: Nomadic contrarian with a passion for mobile, design, pattern detection and serendipity.
Twitter: @jonmyers

Chris Judd

Judd Solutions, President/Consultant/Author

Age: 37
Location: Columbus, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Built the Remarkable Ohio iPhone Application for the State of Ohio and the Ohio Historical Center but I have also built complex work order applications for standard phones written in J2ME.
iPhone Mapkit
Unit testing & performance tuning
About Me: Christopher Judd is the president and primary consultant for Judd Solutions (, an international speaker, an open source evangelist, the Central Ohio Java Users Group ( and Columbus iPhone Developer User Group leader, and the co-author of Beginning Groovy and Grails (Apress, 2008), Enterprise Java Development on a Budget (Apress, 2003) and Pro Eclipse JST (Apress, 2005) as well as the author of the children’s book “Bearable Moments”. He has spent 13 years architecting and developing software for Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including insurance, retail, government, manufacturing, service, and transportation. His current focus is on consulting, mentoring, and training with Java, Java EE, Groovy, Grails, Cloud Computing and mobile platforms like iPhone, Android and Java ME.
Twitter: @javajudd

Justin Searls

Pillar Technology Group, Senior Developer

Age: 25
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment:
- Early adopter and contributor to Facebook's open-source Three20 framework for iPhone, which offers a revolutionary set of tools to develop dynamic web-aware rich user interfaces than is possible in the base iPhone OS SDK

- Authored and open-sourced a straightforward object-oriented HTML/XML parsing library for iPhone OS application developers

- Developed an online, location-aware point-of-interest discovery tool written in J2ME for Palm devices as early as 2006, trailblazing several trends that would later become commonplace features of mobile convergence device applications

- Active Member of the Columbus iPhone Developer User Group
Topic: Three20? Three20! Facebook's groundbreaking iPhone library to consider before you break ground on your next app
About Me: I'm an agile developer that finds personal fulfillment exploring the latest and greatest technologies so that I can find professional fulfillment by identifying the best and most trustworthy tools for each solution I deliver. At the moment, I'm very excited to be building an app for the iPad, which should be ready in time for the device's launch.
Blog: N/A
Twitter: @Searls

Willie Neumann

Managing Director of 14ninetytwo

Age: 55
Location: Columbus, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Build software dev company from startup to 2.5 million and 25 employees. Sold company to a successful Healthcare software company.
Topic: Changes in mobile strategies over the past 10 years
About Me: You have to be a risk taker to be an entrepreneur.
I try to learn something new every day.
Startups bring out the best and worst in a person.
Twitter: @willien

Rob Babcock

Airframe Structures Lead/Liaison, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Age: 34
Location: Lexington, KY
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Co-Host of the iPhone Applications Podcast 'The Appcast'
Topic: iPhone App Store Trends
About Me: I co-host a podcast that's all about iPhone applications, so I spend far too much time looking over the new ones that have come out and testing and comparing more specific genres for our weekly 'core topics'.
Twitter: @TheAppcast

Geoffrey Goetz

Nationwide Insurance - Consulting IT Architect

Age: 40
Location: Hilliard, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Released Fortune 100 iPhone Application to App Store - Nationwide Mobile
Published Palm Development Article in 90's (can produce more details,
even the scanned article form Java Developers Journal)
Book: Mastering JBuilder - WIley
International Speaker on Java/J2EE Development
Topic: Jamais Vu - Reviewing examples of some of the more popular
applications available today on the App Store, this months
presentation will prepare one by exposing some basic building blocks
for creating rich applications that pop.  Focusing on getting the
ground work in place by addressing some common View Controller
options, this presentation will build upon the fundamentals by
exploring  some hurdles like working with the keyboard in a TextView,
creating a custom AlertView, getting a Buttons color just right, and
controlling various 'outlets' properties programmatically for different
user interactions.  We will also look at some basic Core Animation
examples that can be utilized to make even the most drone of
applications come to life and enhance the overall user experience.

Why Phone? - Looking at the data that supports why now is the best time
to be developing mobile applications on Apples mobile platforms, this
presentation will help individuals avoid creating a bad application.
Walking through some of the basic definitions of functional and
nonfunctional requirements, by the end of the presentation the
audience should be able to pull together the information necessary to
get started and avoid the post production blues that could ensue when
one rushes what they think is a good idea to market too quickly.
About Me: Geoffrey L. Goetz, has been on the development scene in central Ohio
for quite some time.  You may recall several presentations at the
local COJUG as far back as the late 90's. Including J2ME (as featured
in the January 2000 issue of JDJ) and Java Ring/Smart Card development
(when such things existed).  Things have change quite a bit since that
time, or have they? Geoffrey L. Goetz is
now bursting back into the mobile development scene with a sense of
eeriness, as if he has the impression of seeing the situation for the
first time, despite rationally knowing that he has been in this
situation before.  Managing layouts, views, memory management,
performance, new and evolving APIs, while very different with the
iPhone SDK, surprisingly a very similar experience as before.
Geoffrey is also a published author and veteran international speaker,
his current role as that of an Architect within the Finance and
Insurance industry.  Geoffrey has also recently been involved in some
cross platform RhoMobile development on the Android, Blackberry, and
iPhone, and is currently working on a major enhancement to an
established corporate iPhone application currently available via the
App Store.
Twitter: @ggeoffre

Adam Winter

JoeMetric, Inc., ChiefJoe

Age: 35
Location: Columbus, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Co-Founder of JoeMetric, a company that is revolutionizing the way in which companies gather consumer opinions.
Topic: The business side of structuring, and launching a mobile app company.
* How to run a company efficiently.
* The role of cloud computing infrastructure.
* Critical elements of a business plan.
* How to bootstrap the finances.
* How to seek angel/venture investment.
* Understanding investment term sheets
* Key financial metrics, and how to act upon them
About Me: Adam is a web and mobile entrepreneur as well as an angel investor. He enjoys talking about the future and the role of cutting-edge technologies of all types, but particularly the mobile revolution.
Twitter: @AdamWinter @JoeMetric

Krista Neher

CEO, Boot Camp Digital

Age: 30
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Work with brands like P&G and on their mobile strategies and executions.
Topic: Mobile Marketing 101 - How Marketers can Play in Mobile
About Me: I am originally from Canada (although I no longer say aboot) and have worked in marketing for over 10 years. I spent 5+ years with P&G and then went on to run marketing for, an internet start-up. I now run Boot Camp Digital - we do social media and internet marketing training and consulting.

Vitaliy Levit

Recess Mobile, Cofounder

Age: 23
Location: Columbus, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Dove into mobile and SMS head first with no previous industry experience and quickly establishing the company as a respected startup.
Topic: Web app development in the Lean/Customer Development style
About Me: I learn well by failing quickly. In 2009 alone, I started three LLCs and one S-Corp, each with different partners and industry focus. While others are thinking how to proceed, I get it done and iterate quickly.
Twitter: @vlbeta @recessapp

Yury Tsukerman

Recess Mobile, Cofounder

Age: 24
Location: Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Lead the development of a mobile messaging platform from scratch, which let me touch on every kind of SMS application possible and more important, defined my approach to building a product.
Topic: Web app development in the Lean/Customer Development style
About Me: I consider myself a skeptic of the quotidian - as Steve Jobs says, "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." I love a clever solution and have validated many of them: the Uberman Sleep Cycle for four months, daily cold showers inspired by a NYT obit, a gluten-free diet, jettisoning "stuff," the Lean Startup methodology, deliberate practice, and of course, the panacea of mobile.

Mark Gilicinski

Founder at MobileXpeditions, LLC

Age: 40-something
Location: Dublin, Ohio
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Launching MobileXpeditions
14ninetytwo program at TechColumbus
Building hammers instead of nails
About Me: Passionate about developing technology that solves problems and brings new solutions to the world.  My career includes experience at the Department of Defense, AOL, and over ten years with Disney.
Blog: N/A
Twitter: @mwgilicinski

Rick Coplin

TechColumbus, Venture Development Director

Age: 47 years young
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: None, other than helping some companies get off the ground.  No huge successes yet.
Topic: Investor Panel
About Me: Rick works with entrepreneurs and startup companies helping them to lay the foundations of success, calibrate expectations and prepare for growth and funding.  He is also the Entrepreneurial Consultant with the City of Dublin, Ohio’s Economic Development Department and is one of the key people developing the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center with the City of Dublin’s economic development team.
Blog: OR
Twitter: @RickCoplin

Henry Balanon

Founder/Lead-Dev at

Age: 28
Location: Detroit, MI
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Bickbot's designed apps that were Apple Featured in the iTunes App Store. We've also created a top 10 app in the sports category of the App Store.
Topic: op 5 Reasons for Not Getting Press for Your iPhone App & How to Solve Them
About Me: I am a mobile writer and speaker. I am also the iPhone app founder and developer. I am also a food photographer for
Twitter: @balanon

Ryan Bauer

Partner, Vivian's Voice

Age: 32
Location: Columbus, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Helping over twenty businesses develop, implement and benefit from successful mobile marketing campaigns.
Topic: Creating Powerful Mobile Marketing Campaigns
with strategies for harnessing social networks
About Me: In my MobileX presentation, I'll give real world examples from other businesses that have completed successful mobile marketing campaigns. Aside from getting people to separate themselves from their money and buy things from my clients, I'm interested in cutting edge technologies. My current project revolves around using smart phones to scan QR codes and how that can be used to market products.
Twitter: @ryanomics

Michael Bowers

Ohio SBDC at Columbus State

Age: 45
Location: Columbus, OH
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Figuring out to keep my Blackberry from locking up.
Topic: Investor Panel
About Me: I work to build the capacity of Ohio entrepreneurs to understand the investment process to allow them to obtain increased levels of equity capital.
Twitter: @MichaelBowers

Luke Murray

Awesome Inc Experience

Age: 27
Location: Lexington, KY
Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Hosted a mobile conference in Lexington and launched five conferences nation wide.
Topic: Funding a startup: What are your options
About Me: I like to skateboard and play keyboard when I am not talking about mobile apps.
Twitter: @lukemd

And more to come!