Mobilex Columbus


MobileX is a one day conference for entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry professionals, and mobile enthusiasts that identifies opportunities, explores solutions, and provides technical education in the mobile & related industries.

Thursday, March 04, 2010 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ET)
Concourse Hotel & Conference Center
4300 International Gateway
Columbus, Ohio 43219

mobileX-photo5The advancement of mobile phone and wireless technology has and will continue to change everything we do. As hardware, software, and networking capabilities increase and barriers to entry shift rapidly, more players are entering and leaving the game daily.

MobileX is a conference that explores not only the changes in the mobile industry itself, but also industries it may directly affect (i.e. healthcare, retail, entertainment, insurance, etc.). There will be sessions that equip the technically inclined with actionable knowledge, from our iPhone sessions where we'll teach you how to build your first iPhone apps, to exploring, comparing, and optimizing code performance on completely different platforms. This one day event will feature venture capitalists, developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts that will explore these topics and how they will affect us moving forward.mobileX-photo6

MobileX is for those that want to stay abreast of these changes and even be involved in and equipped to make them. It's for those that want to connect with and learn from the right people to make their moves in this exciting industry.

Who is the conference for:

* Entrepreneurs (current & aspiring)
* Investors (Angels & VC's)
* Developers
* Industry professionals
* Mobile enthusiasts

What you will learn:

* Who are the hottest up and coming companies & what are they doing?
* Making money in mobile - apps, advertising, infrastructure, text, video, etc. which business models are working?
* How are carriers, manufacturers, and other big brands responding to the opening of platforms?
* Trends and opportunties in the mobile market - including what NOBODY is doing...yet
* Differences in carriers & manufacturers (strategy-wise, app deployment, hardware & software, etc.)
* How will mobile affect YOUR industry?
* What is and isn't getting funded now?
* Social media & mobile - it's more than twitter and facebook
* How to start a mobile tech company - successes, mistakes, funding, etc.
* Building your first iPhone app (with our own provided macbook lab!) no prior iPhone programming experience necessary.
* How to make a successful app - from idea to deployment to the app store.
* Development tools for the iPhone and other platforms (Android, Palm Pre, RIM)

Event Format:

opening keynote, multitrack sessions, mobileX startup pitch contest, closing keynote

For more information, see the Schedule page.

Past Conference

In July of 2009 Awesome Inc. (the organization putting on the mobileX conference series) put on a 'Mobile miniConference' in Lexington, KY.  The event ended up bringing out over 100 attendees from several surrounding states and was a huge success.  It was with this event that the idea for a series of conferences with a similar feel and structure was born.

MobiLEX Conference 2009 from Luke Murray on Vimeo.