Mobilex Chicago


Overall Schedule

9-10 Registration, Breakfast, iPhone SDK setups for iPhone beginner track
10-11 Opening Keynote - Noah Kagan, Making Money in Mobile - It's not just the iPhone
11 - 11:45 Breakout 1 - see below for each track's sessions
11:45 - 12:30 Breakout 2 - see below for each track's sessions
12:30 - 1:15 Breakout 3 - see below for each track's sessions
11:15-2:30 Lunch
2:30-3:15 Breakout 4 - see below for each track's sessions
3:15-4 Breakout 5 - see below for each track's sessions
4-5 mobileX pitch contest
5-6 Closing Keynote - Noah Kagan - Making Money in Mobile - It's not just the iPhone

Breakout Session Tracks & Schedules

The majority of the conference will be spent in breakout sessions. There will be different types of breakout sessions that we'll call 'Tracks'. The names and schedules of the individual tracks are as follows:

iPhone Beginner

For eager developers wanting to get their hands dirty with iPhone development. Please bring your macbook with the iPhone SDK already downloaded or show up during breakfast to get the SDK loaded on your machine. We will have several flash drives with the SDK on them and will help you get set up.

11-11:45 Setup Development Environments - Justin Raney, APAX Software
11:45-12:30 Basic Menu Navigation - Justin Raney, APAX Software
12:30-1:15 Introduction to Table Views - Justin Raney, APAX Software

2:30-3:15 Working with Data Sources - Justin Raney, APAX Software
3:15-4 Sound, GPS, External Links, etc. - Justin Raney, APAX Software


This track will cover problems that entrepreneurs face specifically in the mobile market as well as what trends are emerging that would make sense for an investor to invest their money in, and a future entrepreneur to invest their time.

11-11:45 iPhone app store trends - Bob Babcock, The Appcast
11:45-12:30 "Opportunities for Mobile Solutions in Large Companies - start a company for a customer that can pay" - Marco Nielsen, enterprise mobile
12:30-1:15 Funding a startup: What are your options - PANEL - Luke Murray (The Awesome Inc Experience), Mark Gilicinski (MobileXpeditions), Adam Winter (JoeMetric), Noah Kagan (getgambit, formerly facebook mobile)

2:30-3:15 The business side of structuring, and launching a mobile app company. - Adam Winter, JoeMetric
3:15-4 Building mobile tools & platforms as opposed to single apps to maximize potential scale or "Selling pickaxes" - PANEL - Mark Gilicinski (MobileXpeditions), Jon Myers (JUFTi Games), Charles Yim (AdMob), Noah Kagan (getgambit, formerly facebook mobile), James Ruffer (RESOLUTE, CTO)


For attendees with an interest in the technical details of mobile platforms, and their applications. There will be iPhone specific sessions as well as sessions that explore and compare other platforms.

11-11:45 iPhone Mapkit - Chris Judd, Columbus iPhone Developers Group
11:45-12:30 Integrating open source libraries into your iphone app - Steven Wooley, Ootunes
12:30-1:15 Unit testing & performance tuning - Chris Judd, Columbus iPhone Developers Users Group

2:30-3:15 Ed Keenan - iPhone phone teaching
3:15-4 Native app vs Mobile web development - PANEL - Chris Judd (Columbus iPhone Developers Users Group
), Steven Woolley (ooTunes Founder), Ed Keenan (DePaul University)

Mobile Marketing

How does the ubiquity of mobile phones change the way we tell people about products and services? This track will have sessions that explore how to leverage mobile phone technology to market what you are doing - whether it's marketing an iphone app, a restaurant, or a fortune 500 business.

11-11:45 Major mistakes of companies trying to use mobile for marketing  -PANEL- Molly Garris (Arc Worldwide / Leo Burnett, Digital Strategy Manager), Krista Neher (CEO, Boot Camp Digital), Vitaliy Levit (Recess Mobile), Yury Tsukerman (Recess Mobile)
11:45-12:30 Solving problems with the ubiquitous mobile technology, SMS - Vitaliy Levit & Yury Tsukerman, Recess Mobile
12:30-1:15 Marketing Strategies for Mobile Social Networks - Ryan Bauer, Columbus Collective & Ryanomics Media

2:30-3:15 Top 5 Reasons for Not Getting Press for Your iPhone App & How to Solve Them- Henry Balanon, Bickbot
3:15-4 App Launch Marketing - Jon Myers, JUFTi Games